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Welcome to Alfa Hidraulik Sdn Bhd
We are specializing in the supply and service of hydraulic components and system. Our capabilities cover the designing, installation and repair related to industrial hydraulic, mobile / construction hydraulic.

Our scopes of job include:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of power-pack system.
  • Trouble shooting and servicing of winches, cranes, power system & etc.
  • Trouble shooting, servicing and maintenance of existing hydraulic equipment.
  • Repair and pressure test hydraulic pumps and motors.
  • Repair and re-build hydraulic cylinder.
  • Servicing of hydraulic system of mobile equipment.
  • Supply of hydraulic equipment.
    E.g. pump, motor, filter, accumulator, bladder, valve and etc.
For enquiry, please email to  info@alfa-hyd.com
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